Eric Carle Super Combo 2 Magna-Tiles® Set


Exclusive to Tickle Your Senses! We love reading & these are Story-tiles we are stoked to launch!

This Super Combo Eric Carle Set 2 is designed just for you to experience 3 award-winning stories from the World of Eric Carle with Interactive Storytime Magna-Tiles®. Combo Set 2 includes Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear, From Head To Toe and The Very Busy Spider.

During rich playtime experiences, children experience the award-winning Eric Carle stories with Interactive Storytime Magna-Tiles. Not only do they learn the compelling stories through hands-on play, they also develop essential skills in math, reading, language arts and science.
  • Build an Igloo, Build a barn, Build a Tower!
  • Meet colorful animals like a fluting flamingo and a trumpeting elephant along with other animals that decorate the pages of Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? Let your child mimic the sounds of these animals on the tiles!
  • From Head to Toe set encourages your child’s creativity, all while helping him or her identify animals and their movements, retell the story and lots more.
  • The Very Busy Spider set will keep your child very busy identifying animals, learning shapes and retelling a favorite story. And having lots of fun mimicking moos, oinks and neighs!
  • All of the pieces feature SuperColor® Technology on both sides.
  • This value for money set contains 44 double sided tiles! Amazing huh?